California’s Destruction Can Be Summed Up In The Hypocrisies And Paradoxes Of Its Bankrupt Elite.

How long can a state suffer the rich Bourbons of the Bay Area? As long as its brave nobodies still drive ’dozers right into conflagrations to create lifesaving fire breaks, as long as unheralded pilots fly blind into smoke to drop fire retardant, and as long as there is something left for the parasitical elite of the rich inheritance from California’s brilliant and industrious but now long-dead past.

We Have Suddenly Moved A Lot Deeper Into A Totalitarian Police State.

Victoria is now a police state. That is the simple and depressing truth of all this. If the government feels that you are standing in the way of its goals, then your freedoms are forfeited and you will be arrested. If you leave your house after 8pm, you will be fined. If you visit your father on Father’s Day, you will be fined. And if you protest against any of this, you will be arrested.

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