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The Wokeness War Is being Waged Against Working Americans.

Progressivism gave rise to the administrative state and the creation of a class of professional administrators unaccountable to voters and “trained in the ‘science’ of administration to manage society more rationally and carefully than the masses would, if left to their own devices.”

Individualism Has A Bad Name, But It’s The Best Philosophy For Society.

Individuals strive for what they think is desirable, and markets transmit this striving as exchange and trade that benefits many. The unlimited variety of human gifts and skills is orchestrated by markets even though all the members of society who benefit are unaware of most individuals’ contributions.

The True Challenge With Inflation Is That So Few Know What It Is.

All of this speaks to the problem with inflation today. Few know what it is. It’s currency devaluation, which means there’s no inflation fight to speak of. Just don’t devalue, but if you’re devaluing, stop. Reverse course. Inflation will cease. There are no wars to fight.

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