Communicate, Engage And Serve Others: How Individuals Build Communities Like Forests

This interconnectedness of individual trees and animals, which nurtures the entire ecosystem, precisely reflects the nature of Individualism. Individualism is a system. Each individual extends branches and roots to become as strong as possible, and connects and communicates with others to make the forest strong, which is good for the forest and good for every tree.

8 Lessons From A Capitalist Christmas Trip To The Big City.

It was instructive and pleasing to find a few occasions when an idea springing from the individual subjective creativity of a clothes designer resonated with the subjective preferences and tastes of my wife in shopping mode. The designer and the shopper become coupled oscillators, and a mutually beneficial exchange takes place, advancing and enriching the capitalist system.

In Uncertain Times, Be Spontaneous!

These times are so uncertain There’s a yearning undefined And people filled with rage Don Henley   Despite affluence, technological advances and all the pleasures of the 21st century, Americans feel uncertainty and dissatisfaction. Traditional institutions are in decline, and the unlimited new opportunities being opened by technology and innovation are not accompanied by any […]

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